Villa Beevski


In front of villa 1 there is a large covered barbecue for 15 people with a fully equipped kitchenette, refrigerator, dishwasher, crockery, large TV, glass ceramic hobs, oven, microwave, oven, fireplace and an automated spit for roasting Rhodope chevreme or grilled chickens.

This is the favorite place of our guests, where they can spend the day in peace and prepare their food, and in the evening they celebrate with their friends.

Your good time here is guaranteed.



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Feel the magic of the Rhodopes in one of the oldest villages, birthplace of the mythical singer Orpheus, and touch the true side of nature. Your good time here is guaranteed.
The village of Gela is located in the heart of the Rhodopes, in the Perelish part of the mountain. It is six kilometers from Shiroka Laka. The nearest villages are Solishta (it is reached by a 9-kilometer road) and Stickle. Nearby are Lednitsa hut, Perelik hut, Golyam Perelik peak (2191 m), Malak Perelik peak (2147 m), Shilesata chuka peak (2180 m), Orfey peak (2188 m) and Chaeva chuka peak (1922 m). To the west of the village is the Lednitsa cave.

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